Why isn't Gilbert189 leader yet? [closed]



@Gilbert189 should be leader by now...
He gets to go on the Doc where only leaders and mods can go. But he is an expection.
Coincidence? I think not. He has been on HS for a very long time. He also has been on the forums since august or earlier. He won many leader contests but that wasn't made by Liza or any other of THT.
So why isn't he leader? T1 has been gone for a bit and some extra help won't hurt. Gilbert is a responsible person and is all set up for leader. So why not?

  • He should be Leader
  • He should not be leader


Let's have a friendly disagree and agree in this topic
@Anonymous could you please unlist this?
To Anonymous ok :D


We already have excellent leaders! Gilbert189 would make an awesome leader! Liza said she doesn't plan on promoting people anytime soon, though!


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Sorry, but I have to close this. I want Gilbert to be a leader, but I also want Liza to choose. If we beg her too much, she might not promote! I think it's better for it to happen naturally, your day will come soon! @Gilbert189


@razor don't think this should be unlisted, other people can learn from it! It's okay! :wink:
Everyone makes mistakes