Why isn't anyone active on the game


Why isn't anyone liking projects or anything? Is something wrong?


I don't think so…

I don't think Activity is down...


I haven't got a single like on any project what's wrong?


I've been getting likes. Maybe nobody is liking yours?


Yes idk why it's weird


Just because you didn't get a few likes doesn't mean activity has gone down. I haven't been getting many likes either because I haven't been producing very high quality projects :confused:


I've just been doing gradient BGs and trying to make them look bad. So far it's impossible.


I wouldn't worry. A Day or two ago there were times where I'd get no likes or follows or remixes on HS at all.

I just published another project :wink:


It's a mystery...


Are your projects getting views?


I'm not publishing currently. :0


No there not getting any


Are you using iOS 8?