Why is this project thumbnail zoomed



You just need to pinch the screen like you normally do when you are on a website for example and you want to zoom in just zoom in by pinching the screen when you are about to upload your project.


It is part of the new(ish) update. I think you should be able to zoom out though.


How do I zoom out????????


Same way as zooming out on everything else in ios.


Oh ok duh thanks....


At first glance I thought that this topic was 'Why we're all doomed'. XD


You can zoom in/out your thumbnail by pinching the screen. :)


I know I solved it...


Zoom by pinching the thumbnail :smiley:


I KNOW I said answers in comments


You can zoom in by pinning the thumbnail. :slight_smile:


pinch your fingers and voilĂ  you can zoom good job


Why was my post deleted?



Yup! Just pinch the thumbnail or expand it (depending upon how much of the preview you want showing) and you've got it!


I know jeez omg im tired of this


Just pinch your fingers on the thumbnail to zoom, just like zooming on any other ios device! :smiley:


@Microware_Studios, maybe take a break to settle down. :slight_smile:

It's okay, we weren't trying to upset you.



Woah, calm down! We'll tell you the answer! All you have to do is pinch on the thumbnail :smiley:


Omg, sweeetie, it ain't too hard.

Mkay your first step honey bunches of oats, is to make sure you have TWO fingers.

Then bumblebee, you use those two tiny fingers, and put them on the thumbnail of your choice. You got that?

Nowwww what we do, is we make sure that you have some tea with no sugar for pleasure.

And finally pumpkin, we pinch on the screen.

How about you try :slight_smile:

Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)