Why is this happening?


Um, so I was trying to make my drawing with cloning project better, so I was playing around with it. Eventually, THIS happened. Can anyone explain why? If you can't tell by the gif, the dot follows your finger.

Edit: I understand it is because of the "last touch X and Y", but it moves..strangely because of the clones


In your rule When IPad is pressed, I think you have to switch the set position with create a clone. This maybe wrong.


it maybe...............


Oh and @CreativeCoder, what did you use to make that gif? Please don't flag.


@Phase_Studios Yeah, I figured it out, but it was just weird.

Also, I connected my iPad to a Mac. I recorded the screen with QuickTime and converted it into a gif with a website called giphy.


@CreativeCoder how is it working now? For this rule:

When the iPad is pressed
    Create a clone of this character
    Set position to last touch x, last touch y

this will apply to all clones. So all clones will follow this rule, and create clones of themselves and move to the finger's position when the iPad is pressed.

@Phase_Studios posts won't be flagged if they're okay and that's a perfectly fine question! Great, in fact, to see you wanting to find out how to do something :smiley:


Please don't flag but what is your username of giphy, I can favourite your videos...


I actually don't have an account yet on giphy :grin: