Why is there "www." in front of website names?!



Hello I have a question! What is there "www." In front of websit names?
If you have answers than go ahead and reply or you can just talk together and have fun!


Well are you familiar to websites? Many of them include www. But to be honest, I don't know what it means.


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How is this related to Hopscotch?


Ah, yes! That's it! I knew I heard that somewhere,


I have no idea lol (filling space)


I believe it stands for " world wide web"
Can we make this related to Hopscotch? :slight_smile:


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I don't know do you want to talk about new games that we made or something? :slight_smile: to make it related to Hopscotch?


It means world wide web. And HTTP means hyper text transfer protocol.
How can we make this HS related? We could make websites in hopscotch?


How'd you know? (Filling space)


I knew www but I looked http up out of curiosity after seeing this topic.


My dad told me it stands for World Wide Web
P.S try to keep things Hopscotch related


I think it means

World Wide Web

But please keep it Hopscotch-related. :wink:

And "org" means


And "gov" means


I think.


Well we are on a website, a hopscotch website...


and .net means



Hmm how does this relate to hopspctch?


im actually suprized bot hasnt come in


There are many webs. For instance, there's our web (Internet). It's called the World Wide Web. But there are other webs, such as top-secret government webs, and the Dark Web, which I only found out about a couple of minutes ago after Wikipediaing (WIKIPEDIA SAID IT'S NOT FOR KIDS SO I'M NOT GOING TO VISIT IT AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU). My assumption is that when we type www. we are asking our search engine to search for results from the World Wide Web. But it's harder to access other webs because they have security protocols and specific websites/domain names you need to use.


I beat bot to it.