Why is there many topics like this?


Why is there many topics that have a title like this?:
"______ on paper compared to _______ on iPad"
Can anyone explain? I've seen Drawing, Reading, Math, and I think I saw more but I can't remember....

Please don't say SBYP, I did, there wasn't a topic like this one.


Idk.. People like making them. I don't think there is anything wrong with them, has long has they are related a little :grinning:

Also, I don't think I will finish your old pixel art request. Sry.


Ok.... Thanks for telling me that, but can you at least try? I can wait till summer or whenever you have time! Like winter break and spring breaks! Idk if you have that but... Anyways!


I've tried. It's a big request and I'm stressed about school. Sorry, no.


Because they want the fame
(My first emoji in a while)


Ok.... If you don't want to do it, it's your choice.







I just made one, it's because I want to talk about reading.



But BAS made the Drawing one and he's barely posting in it


He wasn't the first to make it, @LazyLizard made it first, and BAS made a new one for closer moderating.


Oh... Sry about it.... :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It's fine! What did you do?


Misunderstanding you....... Idk


Oh, that's fine! It's not rude or anything!


K, thanks!


P.S. Credit to @Rainboom! Sorry about dat!



Next time you post that, could you put credit to me? Cuz I made most of them :D



Edit: Sorry I was having a fight and accidentally done random letters XP


Ugandan knuckles? Eeeeeeeeeee