Why is there emojis on my screen



Okay I have no idea HOW, but EVERY project I go in to has a :open_mouth: Emoji and clones of it spiraling across the screen... It's really annoying. If anyone has this same problem, or knows just WHAT IS GOING ON, please tell me!!!


I had this problem with bears restart your iPad!


This has gone on which many people to many projects. I would try and restart your app, the your iPad to fix this


It's gone now! Thanks!


Or you could just restart the app, like @poptart0219 said.


No problem! Me and meg had a whole nights worth of cloning bears...


That did not work for me!


HAHA sorry... Just sounded funny.


Oh! Well, it worked for me.


Basically, what happened is you entered a project with a ton of emoji clones. Then, they went to another project! It's a bug The Hopscotch Team needs to patch, and to reset it, restart Hopscotch! :wink: