Why is there an undo option?



Every once in a while when I'm on the forum, an undo option will come up. I'm on iOS version of iPad 9.0 and it will usually happen if my iPad senses motion, like I get up from my seat, ect. So, this will pop up.

I have no idea why, I always hit cancel.

have you experienced this before?

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This is a useful feature from Apple if you shake your iPad it will pop up if you press undo then it will undo what you just typed


Why does it only happen to me on this website, then?


It happens to everyone who has a apple device except some people don't know how to trigger it or don't know about it


Shake to Undo is a feature of the iPad which you can use to undo text that you've typed. You've been very observant in noting that it appears when you get up :smiley:

Luckily with iOS 9 there is an option to turn it off if you don't want to have it on. I did a Google search and you might find this website here useful.


Thanks so much! You helped a whole lot!