Why is there a min number of letters in a post?



Every time I post something, it comes up with 'min characters is 20' or something like that.

@hermione posted three letters s r y. Why can this get posted if it hasn't got 20 characters. No offence @Hermione but I was just wondering :sunglasses:


antbody out there. Hello it's me


Yea I know I really don't know why!


It's probably because she kept hitting the space bar. Idk. I'll try an experiment. Can I reply with only one word but a bajillion spaces?


Test! Nope, didn't work. Sigh. But her name's "HERMIONE", the smart witch! Leave it to her to come up with a magical way of only typing 1 word. (What's the point of a minimum of 20 words?!)


Guys she did this: < Any filling words here > without the spaces between the first letter and last letter.


Hmm... I'll test


Yay! It works!


Yeah, using < and > is a pretty cool trick!

Remember, it's not there so you can just post "lol", we want to have great replies! I suggest using it not frequently. :D


To be clear. Let's say you want to type "sorry"
You would wright sorry, then type one of these <
Put random letters without spaces after, and end it with this >



There is a minimum number of twenty. Characters, so you don't just reply like "cool". Instead, with the twenty characters, you will be forced to reply something like "that's cool because blahbkahblah etc". The 20 character rule helps make people be decriptive and more helpful.

To beat the 20 character rule, you could type,
"Hi <.kdkdori" but with no period between the < and the letters.


@SparkyKat @SlapHappyPancake @AmiiboTrash @CreationsOfaNoob @Gilbert189 @Lightningstrike @bluedogmc-official Thank you all for replying to this! :blush:


Quote this


what do you mean @Destined_Taco1


Oh, quoting is doing this:

To make something invisible in your post, do this:

I made it so you can see it, but if you do that in another post, it will be invisible but still count as letters!


Yeah, everyone else beat me to it. But you just put the extra charecters need in between < >, like this: <Hi>


Press the quote button when you're replying to @Destined_Taco1!

Can you find it? I don't think I made it obvious enough... :joy:


i take it this is what you mena? @Rawrbear


ok here goes


thanks a lot @SmileyAlyssa