Why is there a limit on Posts?


Why can you only have a limit on posting

-This is my last post because I have reached my limit and I have to wait 17 hours


It's to prevent s p a m m I n g from robots


I see that you are on ly a Basic member. Once you get to member, things will be better.


Ran out of likes right here! Ok, like for you :heart:


If people could have unlimited posts, some mean person might come in with a robot and make a million posts about stuff not at all Hopscotch related, like @OrangeScent1 said.

Please search before you post.


The number of posts you can make are based off of trust levels. The higher trust level you have the more posts you can make. We have trust levels so the computer can trust us not to spam, get flagged , etc.


Curse your still a beginner