Why is there 2 poptarts?!


Did @Poptart0129
Make a new account or someone else or a halloween account??!
Cause i was giving poptart a shoutout in my shoutout topic and i didnt know who was who??
Can someone or poptart tell me wats going on??!!!
Here is a screenshot!


@PopTart0219 is the original one (the one with the pumpkins as profile picture)

Either she made another account or someone else did.


@PopTart0219 is a member but with 4 thousand something views!
And @Poptart0129 is a basic user! With 27 views!!.
So the first one is the origanal one so poptart made a account or someone else did!


The member is the real one.

PT used to be a moderator of the forums :D


Ok so i know now!


Aww @PurpleFlames ur profile pic of a whale is so cute!!:blush:


yeah I'm a member because I got too many flags from some people who live to flag me :slight_smile:


Nope whoever made it was just making it to mess with me and it wasn't that fun


Oh ok so the other poptart is not u!


Yeah it was pretending to be u to get likes or something?!


@Poptart0129 @PopTart0219 woah 2 pop tarts!


The basic user is not the real poptart @KawaiiRose!