Why is no one one on hopscotch?



You're right! The most recent project is from five hours ago! Why?!


I published a project to test an hour or two ago and it showed on my iPad, but when I checked Hopscotch from an iPhone it wasn't there :hushed:


On Hopscotch projects are usually published at least every minute or a couple of seconds, so it's strange it's not showing any new projects appearing in the Community.


I agree since hopscotch is a alive worldwide there is usually a post every second. It is probably a bug. In England the time would of been 7:00 am


Update #1: Still not updating..and I don't see your project @t1_hopscotch


7 hours since the last posts :hushed: I think it's night-time where the Hopscotch Team are too, so we'll just have to be patient until they can have a look at what could be going wrong.


The bug is still not gone. It has been 11 whole hours! My post wasn't in there:cold_sweat: I wouldn't say I worked very hard on it but still I didn't finish it in five minutes

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/1/19e13ee8fb1c1afc2ac839700469c3c88e518f7f.jpg" width="666" height="500">

This is what newest looks like for me, and the newest one is my project!
Definitely a glitch.



It's was nighttime at hopscotch HQ I'm in the same time zone as them (eastern) but if it happened when HQ was closed then that means this is one weird bug
But maybe they turned off the computers witch has the code for hopscotch therefore stoping projects from going through the system


True! It's weird!
Nobody's on, and schools off, right?


We should do an experiment! Someday post something(it can be anything) and we all resart hopscotch and look under newest. Who want to post something, it dosnt matter who, just tell us when your done.


Already done it:

I posted that drawing in #art 55 minutes ago!
And still nothing??
I'm going to email the hopscotch team and see what's going on- this is weird!


Sorry, this is all I got:


Yikes! Something looks like it's not working properly. The server was down for a minute last night. We're going to look into this right away!

Thanks for letting us know.

PS: If this happens again (which I hope it doesn't!), the fastest way to let us know is to email us at help@gethopscotch.com and put "community down" in your subject so it gets our attention ASAP :slightly_smiling:

I Have A Glitch... 😔😞
Hopscotch is down?!
Community Down!
Hopscotch Down!
Help! projects cannot be saved in cloud!

** update **: this should be all fixed now!


It's working for me :laughing: and was in time for school ppl coming home in the uk


Servers are down

HELP! The server is down AGAIN .


Eep! Glad that you posted this in multiple places :slightly_smiling: Thanks for helping us get it back!