Why is it that art is so different on paper compared to digitally?


I try to draw digitally and it always comes out worse than on paper :confused: well…sometimes it comes out better.



Sometimes art is just like that!

Some artists are better at drawing digitally, and some are more comfortable with paper.

I’m more of the latter… :D

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I’m better digitally.

Compared to:

Granted, the first one is cartoony but at least the sizes are proportionate.


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I had a topic like this too! Most people told me, if you use a stylus it’s probably because when u put the stylus on the iPad it doesn’t go exactly where u want it, so it’s a little bit harder to draw than it usually is. Another person said it depends on you. Though, I think that the stylus theory was more accurate. Just my opinion. I hope that helps :slight_smile:


probably because art with a long stick like pencil or stylus is almost always better.


That theory only works with certain types of cheap stylii.

My rubber tip one works just fine, though a thinner tip would be better.


Mk. You might be right. But most of us have cheap ones. I got mine from Walmart so…


I don´t really draw too often, but I assume that this is down to personal preference.


I am not that good at art and drawing… but if I were to choose, I feel like I would prefer to draw on paper just because it is more accessible and I feel like I can express myself more with it.


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well it’s most likely due to the selection of tools you have and the techniques you can use digitally and physically

if you’re working with limited tools digitally like me, you need to play around with colour and techniques that will help you achieve a certain level

i used a custom “spray paint” tool to achieve the snowy effect and used only shades of blue in this

for this, you need to play with lighting and shades. when it comes to attempted photorealism, the devil is in the details

(it’s not finished I never got around finishing it I’m sorry ;-; )

for you, the issue you have is lack of control of your airbrush, instead of airbrushing the shaded part of the hair, fur coat etc, it’s painted randomly.

instead, try to airbrush the side of the object with a darker shaded of the colour instead of black, and of course take the direction of lighting into consideration