Why is it Invisibility?



This is a short poll topic dedicated to the invisibility block...

Why is it invisibility and not visibility? What I mean is that in hopscotch the block that decides visibility works on the amount of invisibility... I personally think it should be measured in visibility...

When you want a block to be invisible you set it to 100% invisible, but in "every" other program ever it's 0% visible... Measuring invisibility is like measuring darkness... You "can't"! :nerd: We just measure the amount of light...

So I think that it should be a set "visibility" block, not the opposite...
I know this topic is a super random and the hopscotch team won't change it because lots of projects work based on the "invisibility" block... But still... :sweat_smile:

  • It should be "Set visibility"
  • It should be "Set invisibility" -_-



I agree! When I first started, that block was a little confusing, because of how it was worded. Not a huge deal, but I definitely agree! Nice topic!


It used to be set opacity (basically the same as set visibility), and I found it really confusing when the Hopscotch Team changed it.


It's confusing, but if they changed it it would be confusing again! :sweat_smile:


Yeah @SmileyAlyssa your right :laughing:


I think that some people understand the word invisible better too. Like the invisible man. The Visible man is weird! Ok that was a bad example but does anyone understand what I'm saying?


I don't :P

Is it like, how invis is easier to understand then vis? Or do you mean how it's said.


Yeah I think invisible is a word more people understand than visible.


Please wait while AAAW tries to process this

Lol, I get it now, I think XD


That does't matter though... If hopscotch is the first ''tool'' someone uses, then they are gonna get used to the invisibility and then mess up or be confused in the next ''tool'' they are gonna use. because hopscotch is the only program I know that uses ''invisibility''


@MagmaPOP I understand that it would be easier if it were set visibility. But tbh, it would take a while for some to understand without getting confused.
For emaple:
F4LO recently changed his forum name to Anonymous. Many kept typing Follow4LikesOfficial. It's just like this. Some might complain to THT about it. Some won't. I'm not them. :P


Close enough lol


I think maybe it should be called "Noticability as a Precent"


You didn't type un-noticability... so I'm gonna take that as a visibility


I guess that this block is quite reversed. So... yes. Let's change it.
A sudden change would take some time to get used to, but I'm all right with it.

Other explanations
  • That level where Mr. Mustache disappears, number 14 or so?, has to be changed as well. But, I don't think THT makes any new levels anymore
  • To make fading, we'd do [Set Invisibility Percent ( invisibility as a % - 4)] or whatever constant
  • Next to all old projects would automatically change to randomness if the block changes to that though... :T

BONUS FACT FOR CLICKING THE DETAILS: If you look in my super old projects, you'll find I put -100 instead of 0 for completely invisible.


I was literally gonna say that :sweat_smile:


Nice topic! True, but I suppose it's one of those things that make hopscotch Hopscotch. Also, I think it is because completely visible is considered "normal" and normal is considered 0% changed...idk what i just said...


Beginners don't understand anything at first...
(It would only sort of make a difference to the intermediate level)
(Advanced coders, yes you, would be able to adapt)


Run out of likes so :heart:


When I think about this, your profile pic totally matches my facial expression, MagmaPOP...