Why is it bad to share pics of us?


You probably read the title but why is it bad to share a pic of us? I don't think it's bad becusse if you know what someone looks like you still don't know where a person lives!

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It's actually very easy to track down a person by his/her looks.


What would someone use to track someone down?




Well.. let's just say that there are bad people out there.


But one thing is like I said

how does someone track someone track you down?


I guess


There are a bunch of different websites. Plus there is probably some illegal stuff you can do to get your information.


Posting a photo of yourself would mean that anyone has access to it. They could do anything with that photo. Even post it on other websites.

That's why its bad to share a pic of yourself.

I don't know how someone could track you down tho. :T


Many things, for instance, once they have a picture of you, they can see your post history. In this, you may have slipped your first name or state/country. Now they've narrowed it down to about 100 people. Some people are really bad and can pose as a little kid and start to get info from you. They might ask what your house looks like, how many siblings you have, etc.

Then, they'll be able to narrow it down to 10 people.


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I think this would be good to leave open!


I'm glad @Huggingfluffybear brought this up. I kind of agree with him (her?)