Why is Hopscotch called Hopscotch?



Who came up with the name Hopscotch, and what made them think that? I love the name and Hopscotch itself, but what made @staff come up with the name Hopscotch?


It's named Hopscotch because like the sidewalk game, you make it before you can play it.


"Hopscotch is called Hopscotch because, like the street game, you have to make it before you can play it."
- Loading screen from Hopscotch


It still doesn't make since to me. (Edit: never mind, maybe I should change the name and topic to a new thing)


Have you heard of the game Hopscotch?


When playing the game of Hopscotch, (the street game), you have to draw the squares, essentially "making it" before you play it. In Hopscotch, it's the same way. You have to code your games before you can play them.


its named hopscotch bc like the street ganme you make the game before you play it! hopscotch loading screen


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