Why is Feminism a thing? (Hopscotch related)



I have been confused about the #likeagirl movement since it's start in HS. It was about how girls supposedly can't do well at sports and defying stereotypes. With this and other forms of feminism... Why does it exist? First of all the name is a bad idea, femenism *emphasis on fem is strictly a female word. If they are argue about EQUAL rights then why is it specifically geared towards women. I know that for every one dollar a man makes a woman makes 77 cents. But for every 100 years a man spends in prison, a women spends 60. A man is much more likely to be convicted for the same crime his female counterpart commited. I am not proposing to stop the #likeagirl movement, I say we make it more gender neutral like #likeahuman movement. If you are offended by anything I have said, please don't flag, just leave a comment and we can work it out. K? :wink:


See? You have to be a girl to join the like a girl movement. I believe in equal rights and I am male, does that mean I can't do anything about it?


You are right! Like if we keep on doing the Like a girl thing, men could be a lower balance of level in soicety. We want it to be equal human rights!


What if you wanted to support it. You don't have to be a girl to do that.


Feminism is basically women wanting the same rights as men in the same situations. I believe that should happen, but a lot of others are wanting dominance.

For some reason, I'm not a fan of the #likeagirl things, because it feels like you are being mean towards others saying "Yeah, I'm a girl. >;(".


I agree! I feel like we are excluding people with this, and doing the exact same thing we don't want other people to do to us! I really like this, @GrizTheBear!


Hmm well from a lot of people's points men are rulers and girls are like mistreated a whip ago and they are saying bscicly that girls should be able to do everything a boy can do!

So they say #likeagirl!


Well, I think that the "like a girl" think is not directed to offend boys becuase it shows them both like about what girls should do but if it was like "I am a girl so let me in!"

That would get meen

So I think it's good right here and we don't need to go any further becuase right now it's not offending to me!


Okay well the thing with males not being able to do it is pretty offending and that's where we draw the line we can't have like "boys only club!" And then one for girls either becuase hopscotch is made for everyone, not just boys or girls!


I get what you are saying. :)

I guess the commercial that started it kind of annoyed me, and I never stopped being annoyed XD


Yeah as well I get your point and we are open to our own rights!


Well said! I totally agree


Totally agree too!


Well, yes, it kind of is equal. But women should get equal pay.

Plus this kind of is slightly unfair.


Thanks @kenlauescuadro and @GrizTheBear!




Females are much more restricted than males on their appearance, ideas, job, and actions. You wouldn't know this if you weren't a girl. Just think about the Kesha incident that happened in real life. At least she was able to perform at coachella.


This doesn't go with just girls/women, many minorities are being treated the same right now. (Just a small fact)


Right but women are not minorities. Yes, there are less females than males, but they're still about 50%.


Yeah Like not only women were mistreated blacks were as well!

Like women and blacks could not vote only white men!

So racist!