Why is everyone s dharing their roblox


Isn't roblox not allowed why is everyone sharing it


Sorry but what is roblox?


Some game making thing kinda like social media everyone is telling each other to follow them


Roblox is so fun

I haven't shared mine though
I don't see why we can't


Oh......I never knew


Roblox is a game where you can explore these worlds/games that other people make


I don't play ROBLOX anymore as I used to play with this guy a lot as he helped me in games and then one day he asked for my insta so I stupidly told him luckily it was only a art insta no pic of me yet lol so when I added him I saw he was some creepy lookin 17yr old from New York I straight away deleted and blocked him so I don't play now coz I feel uncomfortable around him as he plays with my sis so he always there I just think it's dangerous lol not always tho


Well, I think it's to prevent communication outside of the forum, as bad words are allowed and not censored in Roblox.

I played it for about an hour and I got called a lot of umm.. Mean things


They are censored
It is in hashtags
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