Why is everyone mass tagging



Why is everyone doing mass tagging all of a sudden because it gets annoying see look at my notifications

That is 18 posts please stop!
-a slightly annoyed RoseOwl


Take yourself off the mass-tag list then...


Some of them are Ok... But most of them are mass tagging!


Yeah, because you're on the accepted mass-tag list, so people use it :T


What do you mean? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


You put yourself on the list so people can mass-tag you...


It gets annoying, yes but you put yourself on there, so I don't see why you shouldn't take yourself off.
Sorry if it sounds rude, but sometimes I speak my mind.


Take your self off the mass tag list so it doesn't get annoying


That's because you put yourself on the list, giving them permission to tag you! And those were three days ago, it would be less if you were on everyday.


How do you do a mass tag list?


You put yourself on there…You would expect people to copy-and-paste it! Then you would get tagged! You can take yourself off the list, but the notifications won't completely stop, since other people could copy-and-paste from the non-original one (that means, they could copy-and-paste from a Hopscotcher who used the list from @Rawrbear). So, life is about choices.


Should I put myself on the list or not?

Put yourself on there! OR Don't put yourself on there!


I'm going to make another rule fixing that! Thanks! :smile:


That you can remove yourself?


No, to use the updated list so people don't get tagged again! But that's fine, too! Thanks again! :grin: