Why is everyone leaving?! ;-;


There are three leaving topics in a row! Why?

  • because they are too busy with other stuff
  • because the forum/HS is boring
  • because of bullying on the forum/HS
  • other (please explain)


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Well This Is About Me But I Was Only Leaving Because My Mom Didn't Want Me Going On Electronics All The Time So She Was Going To Take My IPad Awa.y


This might not need the fmtl :wink:


Either attention... No motovation.... Board... Or addiction... Are reasons.


They all had their reasons and we respect that, sometimes it's personal. If they need to leave it's their decision.


I think it's all of those reasons and more, though not all of those at once.


The most common reason is because it's getting to addictive and affecting their health and daily life; I suffered poor eyesight and sleep deprivation before I made the decision to stop using Hopscotch. However, I do believe all of the reasons listed may play a big part in their decisions.


im not leaving :yum:


everyone who leaves shall not get popatoes


I picked other because I don't know!