Why in the world is my post flagged!? (Problem solved!)


Mods this is especially for you. Recently, my post was flagged for no good reason. I'm really, really, really upset. So I really might have to take a break from the forum.


Which of your posts was flagged?


Could you give a link to the post please?


Yeah it's called this is a general chat. I can't get the link. SO UPSET


Wait which one was it, I may have hit the wrong button


So was it a topic or a reply?




Ok! Do you remember what it said?


It may have been an accident, and if it wasn't a bad post, the mods won't accept it and they won't matter :wink:


Oh sorry, I hit the wrong button on that one


@BuildASnowman can you destroy the last flag for them please?


There. I erased it.


Ok good. Thanks everyone!


u mind me changing the title of urs (problem solved?)
change it back if u want :3
because people come in and want to help
and the problem is solved

so yeah