Why in the world do hackers exist?


This is NOT a question I know the awnser to. Once my roblox (Roblox.com) account got hacked, and I could not have the hats I used to have.

Plus if u know MAKAYLA:basketball:
Watch out, she's mean!


This Forum Is For Hopscotch. Not For Talking About Hackers (But If You Chat About Hackers On Hopscotch Its Okay). But You Are Chatting About Hackers On Your Rolbox Account. I'm Going To Close This Topic.


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Look at my topic: "types of hackers"


You. Spelt. Roblox. Wrong.


Okay first of all hackers have been talked about a lot on the forum please search before you post!


You can't close topics unless you are a leader in the forums :wink:

This topic is very relevant to Hopscotch because there are many mean people in our growing community, and we want to know how to deal with them, and know who they are. There are also some accounts getting hacked, and we want to know what to do about this either. Here is some good tips:

  • Create a secure password, not something like "aaaa" or "1234"
  • Don't share your password
  • If you have siblings, log out to prevent them from messing with your account
  • Don't share personal info (it's okay to share your name, if you would like)

Hope these tips helped, and remember, if you are in the forum, make sure to add to the conversation, not take away from it :wink: