Why? I'm not begging!


First of all, I'm not begging for anything. Usually I get around 15 likes, but now I only have one like on my latest project! Guess who liked it? Me! (Yes, I like my projects because I feel sry for myself)
So... I'm not telling you to like it, I'm just saying that I spent an hour or two on it and now I don't know what's going on.


It may be stuck in the filter. :slight_smile:

Can you see it in your "Favorites" tab on your profile?


I can see it, and thankfully someone else was nice enough to like it.


the most i got on a project was only 24 likes


For now :stuck_out_tongue:


The most I got was like 50 but that was a long time ago. Wait why did I reply to you?? Sry


It's fine :joy:

And well done!!


My projects usually gets 10+ likes.:wink:


Mine usually get 6-12, but anyways, what is your username? (On Hopscotch)


I get on average 50-200. That is not too good...


It's WAY better than me :laughing:, the most I've gotten is 34 likes, it's probably because my projects aren't good. :grinning:


I get the same as @Kawaii_Lover


I liked your project! :slight_smile:


Me? Or someone else?


You, I want to follow you. Totally not spam like


What is your username?


There's a favorites tab??!!!

Edit: Oh...ok


Smiling Sunshine. @tankt2016 me or someone else??


It was you, thanks! Now I will spam like you will follow you!


BTW- I love your quote! It's so inspirational.