Why I'm haven't been posting lately


Hey guys!
Today I'm going to tell you....
as you probably know from the title...
Why I haven't been posting lately.


No way! I never would've guessed.
Anyway, the reason I haven't been posting is because of what people have been calling the "Hopscotch Dark Ages."
No, I didn't leave or anything.
And I did give you a warning.
But, now that friendship2468, BulidASnowman, Anonymous are gone...
I feel like it will be easier for me to get flagged or have my topic closed.:

I'm trying to be regular (being off doesn't help) and the community keeps dying down and more and more people are getting off topic.
Another example: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/lovely-cat-and-labrador-ugly-sweater-for-christmas/24104/13
I'm trying to be on a no-flag, 5-or-under closed topic goal, and it's working so far.
I'm not saying that this would be considered a dark age, but things have been kind of weird for me lately (especially starting middle school.)
(Note: I'm home sick today)
K, thanks, bye.


A bit off-topic but:
You have those blob emojis! :0
Wat device are you using?
Just wondering :3


iPad Mini 2


Oh but when I posted tis, I was on a chromebook


Rodrigo was closing almost every topic. I actually think that Leaders shouldn't be able to ever close more than one topic unless every forum user agrees.


No no no no no
Totally not every forum user.
2000+ people agreeing to close a topic??
Madness XD


What do I have to do with anything lol


It's Rodrigo's decision, not ours.