Why I'll be inactive


Hi hops!
So I'm gonna be pretty inactive starting today for a couple of reasons.

1.Its my birthday today!
Yay! So I will be out watching stuff and eating food

2.im leaving to go back to America soon
I'm leaving on the 25th for America, which means not only will I be inactive for two days getting back to America, I also need to pack up tomorrow.

After I get back, I have a week to get ready for school and meet up with friends and everything, so I'll be pretty inactive then, and then I have school. And I'll be inactive when I have school XD
I also want to start studying and actually doing my hw instead of using the forum while I'm supposed to be doing hw, and not go to bed at 10:30pm.
ye I actually want good grades. #notacoolkidandimproud
So yeah.


Happy birthday! ^^
Have an amazing, fun, and awesome day! :D


Thanks :D


Happy birthday @Lightningstrike!:grinning::tada::tada:

Hope you have an awesome time in America!:flag_us:


Happy Birthday! Have the best day ever! I hope you enjoy going back to America. :D


I live in America

it sounds like I'm vacationing there XD

Thanks guys!


Happy birthday!!! :tada::tada::tada:


Hepi burthday! :DD


Happy birthday!!


Hapu Birthday

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

school aready started for me, Ive probaly been inactive. Except at 4:00 when it ends

but yea I understand


@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @PopTart0219 is this sharing personal information?


Omg happy birthday fren!! :tada::gift:


No your birthday is fine! There's actually a topic for it!


It is? If you share the age, you're sharing your birthdate. Is that allowed?


Age, First Name, and Birthday are allowed! But full na.me, Adres.s, and Face aren't


HAPPY Birthday and yep its all allowed they want you to share right​:joy:


Omg happy birthday!!


Happy birthday! Have fun in school!


Thanks so much guise :u:

I just came back from an acrobatics show. It was awesome!


Happy birthday! :D