Why I stay positive


If you check my HS account: Razor64
I have 4 likes on my drawing pad.
Normally people would complain but I don't.
Why do I act like this?

• I don't care about likes and all that stuff: Yes I am happy when someone remixes, follows, or likes your project, but I don't really Need them. All I care about is experience and no I'm not trying to be leader I'm trying to not get negative with HS.

• I don't die of I don't get likes: It's not like somebody shoots me in the face with a shotgun if I don't get any likes I mean it's just an app and it's for fun.

• What the purpose of HS is: HS was created to help kids (like me) code better and help them understand the basics with blocks. This can result in virtually anything. THT doesn't want HS to be a popularity thing but to help you learn. If people complain more THT might as well remove likes, follows, and remixes from HS COMPLETELY. So just keep that in mind

Note: I am not creating this to offend anyone or anything. I am also not responsible for the idea of removing the popularity things in HS. I also am not making this to achieve anything but to share my own thoughts

I'm bad at life and HS

Awesome reasoning @Razor