Why I sort of left and an apology (Please read all or most)


Hi, I know nobody cares about this and you clicked on this for no reason but here is my story-ish thing.

Over the summer I went on the fourm everyday (If anyone remembers) as school grew closer I stopped going on it that much because it was over. Then I got into wayyyy more personal things. (I mean you can ask if you want to know). But anyway I just really feel bad for abandoning the fourm. I'm so so sorry. I made a promise to myself to never abandon the fourm and I did. I'm sorry :confused:


That's okay you were one of my idols on the forum! I was so used to your spinning Rainbow one : (


Thatยดs okay. I abandoned (forgotten) it for over a year, then I came back.


Ok I'll change it brb


OMG hi Nifty!! :wave:



I missed you! And I was so used to you pr rainbow profile pic D:


-My school has a buddy system where 2-6 random kids in every grade get to be a buddy for a new kid and I was picked and I don't really want a buddy but I have one.

-My birthday is in 2 days

-I got dragged into 4 different gossips in my school

-I'm officially in middle school


-I've suddenly become extremely hungry and tired constantly

-I just signed with a new agency because I'm an actress (That sounds braggy sorry)

-I've become very modest

-The house next to me is being renovated so I hear drilling all day

-My school is being renovated and 2 of the classes I have everyday are in the room where you can hear the most drilling.

-Mods and Leaders are demoted and I'm having a hard time with that

-How ridiculously funny I realized people are

-I don't like people anymore but I love them too

-What in the world is happening with this list


Sounds tough.

Middle school? Oh yeah you're going to be in loads of gossip. Middle school is when people and their emotions get wacky. :joy:

I hope things get better!


Middle school is when


everyone just becomes so mature with relationships and stuff


1; oh man well can't help you there. Try and make friends with them????

2; happy birthday

3; that's bad. I'm kinda in there too cause I'm friends with a good amount of popular people, but just kinda take yourself away from the situation

4; niiiiiccceeee. I'm gonna be in high school next year :/

5; you get used to it, and it really isn't that much

6; saaaammmmeeee. coffee helps

7; yeah okay sorry this Beyonce can't help you there. I've been in the spotlight too much

8; k idk what to do about that

9; that's bad. but again you'll get used to it

10; that's rough. I had that last year, and you'll learn to adapt. Even tho it's reaaalllyyyy loud

11; omg that's me

12; hahaha Ikr

13; people are either my best friend or my worst enemy

14; sounds like a you problem