Why I might be on less


I found a new thing that I love:

Making remixes and working with music. I have a remix account on musicly and I want to focus on that for a little while.

I'll still be on but projects and all requests will be delayed!

I'm also going on vacation really really soon so I won't be on to much.

Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks for the heads-up!

First reply!


Have fun on vacation!


Okay. Have fun and enjoy the vacatiโ€” holiday!


Lol it's not a holiday for me! I'm just going on vacation, summer is almost over for me.


It's not a vacation, it's a holiday :flag_gb:

Jk lol


What's musicaly?


Yay I love musical.ly!


Yes, but what is it? Sorry if it is off topic.


It's a social media in which you lip sync or sing or dance, express yourself. Some famous people are on there as well.


Okay, Back on Topic.


Yah! I just make remixes tho :blush:


Ok, thanks for telling us.