Why I haven't published any projects Recently (glitch) Please read THT! Edit- ITS FIXED!


Hoi hops!
So you may of noticed that I haven't published any projects on Candyfloss clouds​:ribbon: (My main account) for 2 weeks. Well, my HS is glitching VERY badly
Looks what's back

I can't publish or play projects ;-;

And I can't play other peoples projects (I can only open drawing pads) it just loads....

So yeah...this was kinda an announcement saying why I'm inactive
I wonder when THT will fix this glitch...
—A sad CC​:ribbon:



You're not alone! I am experiencing this too!

I think THT may be fixing this, but it is very annoying. I have been remixing old projects to make a project as they don't glitch out.

I was working on this game here:

And it wasn't letting me play the project! So I just had to code it and see the final result. It may come up with this 'Womp something went wrong' business, and that's very annoying.


I can't open my other projects with code in them cuz the glitch ;-;
It lets me open art pads fine...and I just published an announcement by remixing my art pad from my art account...so I can only draw not code. So RIP my main account that I code on


Nobody cares about the fact that I can't publish. Thanks.
Shows that nobody likes my projects.


I like your projects!
I've got another type of glitch, when I try to remix something with lots of text (like a RP), the screen turns white.


Fhfomxjdhd, just hit the circle restart button thingy and it'll be fixed.


That doesn't always work tho, especially not on older devices.


I did that lots but it still glitches.


My iPad is only a year old


Oh. Mines 4 years old now, almost 5


Hey, no self deprecation allowed from clouds.


I like tour projects! Also if you need help with this, try resetting the app or deleting it and reinstalling it. If that doesn't work try contacting THT via e-mail or tagging on the forum. :blush:


it's happening to me too!


Welp. My HS is fixed now!
I forgot how to code nuuuuuuu.
Better recycle this topic




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Eheh lol
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