Why I have only been coding on iPhone



So if you've been wondering why I've only been making projects on iPhone lately. I can't find my charger to my iPad, and since my iPad is an iPad 2, it is VERYYYYYY slow, and it almost seems like all apps are really slow, and I can't even use hopscotch since one block of code lags! I'm getting a new one on my birthday though! It's this month, so be ready for some nice quality iPad coding!


Does your iPad 2 use iOS 9? I don't think they support it, but tell me if they do.


Yes it does use iOS 9. Also iOS 9 is supported.


Ok! I was actually wondering about that.


See here:


I wish I could downgrade it, because older versions are faster, BUT WHY DOES APPLE HAVE TO STOP SIGNING VERSION!!! I JUST WANNA DOWNGRADE!!


iPad 2 will sadly not be able to update to iOS 10 when its released... That also mean I will not be able to get swift playgrounds when it's released to the App Store. :frowning:


That's too bad. I can't wait to try Swift Playgrounds! Maybe it'll be available for iPhones and you will be able to try it!


No. I watch WWDC live and they said it will be exclusively for iPad


What's WWDC? Too bad it will only be for iPads. :rage::rage:


It's like e3, but instead of a cool event, it's a 2 hour long PowerPoint presentation by Tim Cook! They announce new iOS version, and Mac OS versions too!


They also announced... You guessed it! Swift playgrounds!


I don't know what e3 is. It's interesting that OS X will be renamed macOS, and it will have:
It's also interesting that iOS 10 will remove Slide To Unlock and replace it with Press Home To Unlock.


Yeah!! I'm running the Macos Sierra on my Mac. Well, was, until my Mac was SO LAGGY!!! Then I downgraded!


I'm back on El Capitan!


How did Siri work on macOS Sierra?


Ok, but did you try Siri?


Happy almost birthday! Soon I will start coding on a phone. (Same account) (somewhere to the first month of school)


Woah iPad 2 can support iOS 9 even though it's pretty old
Yeah...the iPad 2 is from a year or two ago so it would have stability issues, which include iOS 9-related ones.


I'm very surprised that the iPad 2 can run iOS 9.