Why I Have a Connection With Turtles


These new catorgorys are kool! I love turtles because dey are kools. Someone asked me this question and I made it. I currently don't have access to a IPad so I can't do anything kool or make my awesome project.


Is this related? You have been making a lot of topics about turtles... Maybe just talk about turtles in your general topic or something?


Ye dey ar veri kool (de noo ketegorees)
Bai de wey ar yoo bek? :0
translation provided by @JaggedJeans: Yeah they are very cool! (The new categories)
By the way are you back? :0


This is off topic. Why not make a project on hs about it


That is why they didn't make anything on HS yet. But yeah, why don't just use a general topic or something?


Yep. Sorry did not see that.