Why I am Taking A Break from Hopscotch


I've had a long run. I started using this app under another name about a year after the app came out. I worked so hard on every project, but nothing more than two likes. I became frustrated, and didn't touch the app for about a year. Heck, I even took it off my device for a few months because I needed the storage! So in August, I thought hey! What the heck! I'll try it again. At the beginning, I only browsed the popular projects. Then I wanted to start fresh with a brand new account. So I started PressA2Equip, with my sole purpose to get on the Featured Page. My first game was Ammo Birds, a clunkier version of Angry Birds, where instead of dragging the slingshot, it was controlled by number that you could change with arrows. That got a modest 24 plays and 3 likes. I was overwhelmed. People actually took the thirty seconds to play my project! Then I struck lightning with Asterisk, a 2D space shooter. It got over 2,000 plays and more than 100 likes! I was so excited, and it was on the trending page! Almost there, I thought. Then I released about ten more projects with none getting more than 100 plays. I needed something creative. Something new. I wasn't going to be creating copies of apps and games on the App Store, or games I liked to play in my consoles. I came up with this Personality Quiz. I published it and it took off, in good and bad ways. People immediately started criticizing me on my forum post about it. "This game is Rigged!" "Sad?! Wrong!" I became even more angry when one of the posters used my algorithm that he/she had criticized not two hours before, and copied it. I tried not to care. Then his/her project got not he Featured page. Really? That's what I had been wanting! It had been my goal! With some sorting out the problem, we were able to peacefully come up with a solution. I was glad, but sad that it had even happened.
So, I'm taking a break from Hopscotch, not sure how long. I am a teenager, and this community is just too juvenile for me. It's not just that I have been having trouble coming up with something good, but Im also busy. High school is a big transition, and there I will be taking classes to learn how to really code. I will probably come back, but if I don't, I want to apologize to all who I wanted to do collabs with.
This community is just not mature enough for me to try to coexist. I wish you all luck with your own projects!


If you're talking about @Poptart0219 , then I don't think she meant to copy you!
And I know nobody can stop you from leaving, since this is about School, so I hope you have fresh ideas when you come back :blush:


Look, I was bored and wanted to make one with a Christmas theme, and forgot to gave credit in the first one. I updated it and gave credit in the second one. And my personality quiz was for a forums hunger games.

And they took it out of featured.


I'm very sorry. I will edit that.


Yea, I didn't understand why it was taken out of featured @Poptart0219 , it was pretty epic!


No it wasn't it ut really wasn't.


Dude, I'm not angry! I just wanted to let everyone know that I was just taking a break. It was one small thing you did @PopTart0219 and Im over it. The main reason is that Im just too busy to be making these projects when they get less than 20 plays.