Why haven't I recieved Regular yet?



@PumpkinGirl, please post the omtl here. I should be regular but I am not. Please help


Sorry I took so long!

tag list



I should be a regular too. I think it takes a few days for the hopscotch team to notice.


Thanks! @PumpkinGirl


@benny29 Can I change the title so it's more specific?


Sure. Why not. Please do


I think the reg badge is automatic


Thanks for changing the name of the topic


The regular badge is automatically given when you reach all the requirements, so maybe you don't fill all of them?


What do I have left to do?


I don't know all the rquirements, so I don't know.


How many falgs do you have ??


Two or three. I think


Ask @Rodrigo as he is a mid and he can see how long until you can become a regular ! !


Okay thx. @Rodrigo, when do I become regular? I think I have met all the requirements



Tagging you guys !


Thx. @Silverdolphin for tagging them


Your welcome. !!!!!!


Do you think they will answer


I don't know what you're talking about.