Why haven't I gotten regular back? :o



I've gotten suspended once, so I'm pretty sure that I should have it back now. But I don't. Does anyone know why? I'm confused....


it could be a possibility that you are locked at member, idk


LOCKED AT MEMBER?!?!!??! That's almost worse than being demoted to basic!!! :scream::cold_sweat:


it's a possibility... probably not though and if you are it was probably a mod and not liza
or you maybe havent read enough/posted enough?


I have been off quite frequently. Sixth grade has gotten SOOO well, sixth grade


This sums up when you miss Hopscotch becuase of school
[insert grade here] has gotten SOOO well, [same grade here]

Ninth grade has gotten SOOO well, ninth grade


Woah, it's ok! Being locked at memeber means you can't lose your trust level. It's not necessarily a bad thing :D


If you're suspended, it locks your trust level to member. But, you can email help@gethopscotch.com and ask them when you'll get it back. The link will start an empty draft of an email to THT, if you want to send an email now. :slight_smile:


I would have thought this was rubbish when I was in sixth grade, but now I'm in seventh and my advice is to enjoy that homework you are getting right now...

it gets better in seventh grade...


THANKS SO MUCH!!!! :D I'm already supperrrr optimistic because I'm listening to Pandora and watching Disney Channel XD


Congratulations! Now you can post stuff in the lounge, not that it's very interesting there‚Äč:grinning: