Why have all of my Generals been lounged except my super old original?



I was looking on my topic list, and the only one of my general topics left is my original. What happened to all of the others?

Why not permanently lounge the original if you all are so keen to lounge them all?!


Probably because it’s only necessary to have one until it is closed/finished.
Making more than one gt is unnecessary and just clogs up then forum.


I’d kinda like to forget about the original.

I can’t even change the title.


Why can’t you?


Mmm okay well I’m sorry, I never looked at it so I wouldn’t know that.

Okay well that’s why I think your topics have been lounged. I don’t think there’s anything left for us to discuss.


I don’t know. Weird.


The forum’ favorite communist is.

He has a crush on Healey and wants him to be gay



Sorry but


I’m fèmäłē


That’s not true. We both want nothing to do with each other.


That’s what you think.


I especially don’t want anything to do with HER!



She’s the second favorite favorite communist


She’s rude, inconsiderate, and obnoxious.