Why Forum Why...😭 Please read


The forum is changing....

some people that is nice have turned... BAD in other words and people can't stop changing every day we are saying bad things about each other or your self just letting your self down... every time you guys apologies instead of apologiesing about the past make your future better @PopTart0219 made a topic about something like this @Smishy 's bio has something like this too...

@smishy's post has a point and so does @PopTart0219 I feel like things are just turning the other way round...

If you are a person reading this please just don't apologise about the past just think about what you are posting and what you are trying to type... researches has been shown that you express your self more on digital devices and I understand that cause I do too but please think just think for a second...

just look around and think what I am doing right will it harm me if someone did it to me...

please just for a second and everything you are trying to do can Change

sorry for typos and mistakes I am not fuluent
senpais list tell me and you will be on here btw and if you want to get off this list please tell me too


Why so mean y'all
Just sayn' [my opinions]

I have anger issues and I am very sensitive to everything and nobody understands that :sob::sob: I'm the reason everyone is complaining and the earth doesn't need me.

thankyou for likes people...

Oh and I forgot to put you in the Senpai list @StarryDream


No please just don't feel bad about your self my friend has anger issues I know how it feels but please just don't blame yourself it just makes me feel sad


"We can't rewind time and fix everything matter how serious the mistakes we made was. All we can do is to prevent making more mistakes in the future."


Sometimes people change

No one can stop it, sorry....


I know but it's just my opinion....


Saying that doesn't help, it just makes the situation 10x worse than it already pucking is.


I know, it's good to have opinions, but I'm just saying that people change...


I know thx I just added that thx frenpai


"Saying that isn't helpful to yourself, and telling others that they make to situation ** beeeep **ing worse isn't helpful to them either."
β€”Something that I wanted to say

I have anger issues. And I often train myself to stay calm. It isn't easy for me to do that, but I somehow can manage...


People change. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

We can't stop it, it's just a way of life I guess.

For example, I used to like pizza yesterday but today I like chicken.


WOW great example lol


You didn't put me :scream::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Thank you, thank you very much bows


Don't feel bad and the earth does need you.




Last year, I like pizza waaayyyy better than Chicken but now chicken is waaaytttt better than pizza


People change and there's nothing we can do about it since we don't control them.
But we can make people better.


Great Topik!
Thanks for including me! :blush: