Why Flagging Isn't Always a Bad Thing


We all dread the time when you get a post hidden, and that automated message pops up. So you go back to your post, and you don't think you did anything wrong, but you get angered anyways.

Even though it's annoying, flagged posts isn't always a bad thing. It is just the community saying "Hey, this isn't on topic, remember to stay on topic!" or "Woah, this isn't very kind! Try using nicer words," and maybe "I would move this to a different topic, or not post it at all!"

If you say a hopscotch email and it gets flagged, don't fret! As long as it doesn't have person information on it, you can clarify and edit your post to say that "Sorry for the confusion, but this isn't my personal one, I made this one for Hopscotch!"

If you are concerned about why you were flagged, email the team, and ask why it was flagged


Well Said! :clap: :clap::clap:


Well said very good :clap::smile:


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Like @BasketballNerd flagged the email posts because he/she CARED about us. As in, BasketballNerd didn't want ANYTHING bad to happen.
Flaggers are just lookin' out for the community! Of course, it kinda ticks you off when they go on a flagging spree and flag unfairly, but that's not as much of a problem any more!


It is for me.... But I agree on flagging that helps the community :wink:


Good: to remind you about the Guidelines

Bad: Da Crazed Flagger (flagging for no reason)


Without flagging, we'd have people stuffing the forum full of spam and not nice things. Flagging is important, and it ahouldnt be abused.
Well said, @PopTart0219 !


Well said @PopTart0219 !!


Flagged posts can make someone feel horrible about themselves, but it just a friendly reminder to stay on topic! Now you might think, How is that friendly at all? Well, compared the being suspended or kicked out, a flag is nothing! You can still earn the Regular badge if you get a few flags!


Nice job!!! But sometimes they can be bad. Some people do it for fun. But mostly, it's just a friendly reminder!


I get flagged sometimes. I feel bad when I get those messages, and it eont even let me edit!