Why everyone is leaving and how to solve it!


Ok, so nearly everyone is leaving the forum so I'm thinking that's it's time for me to...




There's too much sadness going on around here, yes half of the features are paid, but the same Hopscotch that you know and love is still there at the core. This isn't a reason to leave... Why didn't you leave before the subscription option? It's the same thing as before except you pay for new features. Why is this so hard to take? I'm not paying for the subscription but I'm using what I've got to enjoy myself!

So from now on share what's making you sad so that people can help you! If you just storm out of the doors, no one will be able to follow you! Shoutout to @SilverDolphin for sharing what was making her sad, I helped her (on her General Topic) and she can play now. She just needed some support from her friends and some new ideas. So I urge you all to share your opinions, let us help you and don't feel alone.

Don't leave! Please!

clap clap clap amazing speech!!!





Thank you, thank you.

I just have a list of people to thank:

pulls out 50 centimetre long paper

unrolls an extra 12,742 km length of paper

paper travels across the world and lands at feet

Ok, let's get started!



I AM AMAZED!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you fren!

I poke myself

I'm touched XD

Nobody wants to be my friend

I just want people to stop leaving and start trusting each other more! :yum:


Fren I thought dat you will leave yo when I saw dis topik


Yeah, dat's why I changed the title!


Thank you ! you helped me soooo much ! I really appreciate it ! I love to play !


No problems, I feel like the forum should help each other more often!


Amazing speech! I agree with what u r saying!


I agree! Great speech! :D


Thanks everyone! You all make me feel like a special friend!

I feel so special!

Don't bother quoting, there's nothing hidden here!


I agree with you! Great speech!


Thanks friend! People are calling it the dark ages of Hopscotch, I think it's the attention-seeking era of the Forum!

People just want attention from others, so they pretend that there's no solution which is unfair to people who genuinely have problems and will accept any solution! Life seems to always be about getting revenge on other people, that's the problem, "an eye for an eye". You know what I think the problem with "an eye for an eye" is, everyone ends up blind!


I agree


Thx fren!