Why doesnt #random subforum show?



I saw this earlier… apparently, when you type, there is a #random category? not #random-stuff

Try it! it shows as a topic! hm

sorry this is just bugging me.

EDIT: Apparently we can access it?? why doesnt it show?


It’s a hidden category that only mods+ can access, I believe. However, it’s in the list of categories when you switch to mobile view


click it, we can access it


It’s mods+ for adding new topics


How do u have a red line by your post?


Actually there are several hidden categories that I discovered a few months ago.


they dont??? screenshot


#random is all i see


You used to be able to see the, but discourse updated its category changer and now I don’t know how to access it


Maybe its a deleted post?


When you press the J and K keys on an external keyboard (or if you’re using a computer), the orange line will be on whatever post or topic is currently selected.


Weird. I can see it as well. Maybe a Discource update changed a setting somehow.


seems to be the old version of #random-stuff or an archive??


It was previously used by THT for announcements and stuff.