Why does this keep on happening?!


So this had been annoying me A LOT. Everytime I type the posts keep on trying to scroll up no matter what! It's really annoying because it makes everything glitchy! And then when I post, I'm in the middle of the topic!

Why is this happening?! ;-;

Do you know a way to prevent this?
Please tell if there is!!


I have the same glitch! It delays my keyboard typing on big topics, and crashes 24/7!


Hmmm.... Maybe you can try to use the Google app.


I've tried with every search engine on my iPad. Even went to using my phone and kindle. I still crashed and lagged.


That glitch happens to me too! :D
^ Only on my iPad. ^

For me, it only happens on topics with a high amount of replies. :D
I guess it can only happen on big topics, though. XD


Yeah I use an iPad also ;-;


Hmm, well, I don't know what's happening, then. Maybe you can try and make the topic smaller by deleting posts, or contacting a leader?


cough cough
Drawing on paper compared to iPad
cough cough


I can totally deal with it!
i think


Yeah like it's fine with a small topic like this but the drawing topic is a WAY different situation


The lag there isn't even close to how much lag I get from 'Chain Reaction!', sometimes, I can't even type there.

I have to move to a laptop to even type on that topic. XD


Maybe.... Soft reset your iPad (hold down on power) and log out of forums and get back on


Same here! I don't have a laptop, my mom has two, though. I do have one from the nineties but I kinda sorta maybe broke it. :slight_smile:
Our other computer is terrible. It's Apple, but it's old and lags.


Well, I've seen and end every single post in it, and the Drawing Topic is definitely your issue, saying you're the person who created it. Chain Reaction probably has the same problem.


Actually, that isn't!
It's only caused crashing when I am going to a notification to or from that topic. :wink:


Have you updated to the latest version of chrome yet?


I use safari :wink: Should I use google?


Discourse says safari works better, but I don't know! Try though!


I am on chrome now, still does it ;-;


Are you on an iPad, because it lags out for me too. I'm on my computer and it's fine!