Why does this happen so much?


So everyday, even every few hours, I go in my profile in HS, and I saw 1 or more of these in my profile. Picture:

(the one with the green bubble)
I never made that project, and it don't even have a name, can someone tell me why is that happening please? (I am connected to the internet/WiFi)


I'm just gonna say it's a glitch, just delete it? :0


I deleted it, but it's still appearing everyday.... Ugh


Happens to me too…
BTW I've done da tutorial!:wink:


Sry for the late reply.. I was on HS


I've had this problem, and it stopped after I deleted a draft remix (a project that I saved), but I don't know if that's a solution…


Dat happen to me too! We can't open the drafts.
Sometimes there's also blank projects in drafts.We can open it though.


who is 'we'


When I setup my HS hotel what happend is a project that I put on that account came to me and did the same thing and it won't go away!

I have been meaning to email help@gethopscotch.com but you can as well!


I mean 'I'
Weong grammar


Yeah I get that too but it deletes itself when you enter the draft


This probably is a glitch, so ask THT.