Why Does This Forum Not Have Certain Badges That Other Discourse Forums Have?



I have been looking at other Discourse Forums (including one with 1M+ Users) anda lot of them have tons of badges in common that we don’t have, and I was wondering if this was like a choice made by THT not to include these badges, but it seems kind of weird that they would disclude some of these.

Autobiographer: This badge is granted for filling out your user profile and selecting a profile picture. Letting the community know a bit more about who you are and what you’re interested in makes for a better, more connected community. Join us!

Reader: This badge is granted the first time you read a long topic with more than 100 replies. Reading a conversation closely helps you follow the discussion, understand different viewpoints, and leads to more interesting conversations. The more you read, the better the conversation gets. As we like to say, Reading is Fundamental! :slightly_smiling_face:

Read Guidelines: This badge is granted for reading the community guidelines. Following and sharing these simple guidelines helps build a safe, fun, and sustainable community for everyone. Always remember there’s another human being, one very much like yourself, on the other side of that screen. Be nice!

Wiki Editor: This badge is granted the first time you edit one wiki post.

Campaigner: This badge is granted when you’ve invited 3 people who subsequently spent enough time on the site to become basic users. A vibrant community needs a regular infusion of newcomers who regularly participate and add new voices to the conversations.

Champion: This badge is granted when you’ve invited 5 people who subsequently spent enough time on the site to become full members. Wow! Thanks for expanding the diversity of our community with new members!

@Ana @Liza Could either of you guys explain why these haven’t been available as badges?

Also there are three badges that are given when you report bugs, and it would be pretty easy to modify the badge so you could reward it for reporting bugs with Hopscotch!


Also keep in mind I am updating this actively


I don’t know, good question.
@Ana, any idea?


Maybe because they aren’t really necessary idk


I don’t really know. THT might have manually disabled those. But it could be that these badges were added in recent updates of Discourse and that THT just hasn’t been too active in the admin panel.


Well some of them are really old, like Autobiographer


This is a really good idea! I mean it’s really up to THT on this but I think that those would be good to have.


I don´t know then. Maybe some of the newer badges hasn´t been activated yet though.

I absolutely agree with that! I think that it also would benefit the community in a really good way.


I feel like those badges are just a little bit weird and maybe THT feels that no one will really take their time to get them…

Other than autobiographer and maybe read guidelines, perhaps the others are a bit more “extra” so to speak.