Why does there have to be '20 characters'?



Why does there have to be 20 characters? It is so annoying. Please tell me why soon. Thx


It's like that so people don't spam comments like


First, please search before you post. There are many topics about this.
Second, this is to make sure people don't spam the forum with things like:
"What's up"
There is, however, a secret way to get around the rule. Just put
< a20202020202020202020 >
In your post. (Minus the spaces!)


Doesn't work with first letter being number :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry, I thought I put a letter.


An example:


Do this
<f hdbcjdhfncbcjcgfg>



Or you could
[poll type=(random letters)]
Is another way I found?
Wrong SWWH found it :worried:


Not sure that works.you have to do;

Minuse the spaces and any letters


Before you make another topic like this, remember to check for others that may answer your question :wink:

The "20 Character" rule is so there isn't mindless chat, and so the discussion continues, not a lot of "Yeah" and "Lol!"'s in the discussion. If you make a relevant comment and it isn't 20 characters, use this trick, but don't include the space:
< to make sure 20 characters (or whatever you want)

Hope this helped you at least a little! And remember to not use "<" too much, and keep your comments appropriate


The Hopscotch Team is trying to limit ■■■■■■■■. To minimize this you can...

  1. Use emojis :smile::stuck_out_tongue::smile::grinning:
  2. Use more punctuation
  3. Say 2020202 ( this should only be used sometimes. Some hopscotchers consider this annoying or rude)
  4. Add more to your reply ( Use this one ):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did look it up guys and I did not find it


What do you mean?



I looked up this. I did not find it


It's okay, I saw another topic made by @LotsaPizza just make sure to do it next time, and it's okay if you accidentally make another topic of a question asked :slightly_smiling: :wink:


Ok thx @PopTart0219!!!!


No problem!


@Rockstar4ever a way you can get rid of the twenty characters rule is to insert random numbers or letters like this inside <>s:
And then write other non-twenty characters things! The writing inside the <>s will disappear!


Yeah. Just enter:
Your post

(Ps, you can put anything after the less than sign, as long there's no space afterward on a number as the first character)