Why does the drawing topic seem to be allowed?

The drawing topic isn’t related to hopscotch but it seems to be allowed?

Why? Should it even be allowed?

There’s a poll because I love polls

should the drawing topic be allowed?

  • Yes
  • No

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You don’t need to vote if you don’t want to

Don’t forget to tell me why it’s allowed if it is allowed


I think it’s allowed because drawing is creative, and the forum allows creative stuff. :0 I could be wrong though.

@lollypopcorn might know why it’s allowed.


They probably also wanted to collate all that creative artsy stuff in one topic so we dont have lots of mini spam topics. Artists do have a (significant) place in the hopscotch community and i think its a great place for them to share their work.


Yeah, I agree with that. :0


If you think that drawing isn’t a part of HS, then take a look at Trending. Hopscotch has developed into a place where people can share their talents, based on code. The drawing topic is a place where people can show their art from different apps and in real life. Just like if you were proud of a coded project on another app, you would want to share it with other Hopscotchers. Code and drawing are both forms of art.


This is correct. :D Although since drawing doesn’t have much to do with code, we only have one drawing topic at a time :)


As all of the replies have said so far, there are so many people on the forum who are amazing artists who want to share their art! Having one drawing topic allows them to share the art without creating a bunch of topics. Plus, there have been many, many draw pads made on HS. And there are many people who want to draw on hopscotch with those draw pads. This, in a way, relates back to hopscotch :wink:


Well…even if you go into the Hopscotch app, there’s a large portion of Hopscotchers who draw and don’t really code as much. The hopscotch team confirmed that this is okay since it’s still really creative and includes at least a little coding (I can’t find the link). I think that since most of the forum community is carried over from the Hopscotch community, it’d only make sense for the artists to come along too. If they aren’t able to post art, then there’s not much for them to take part in (that’s related to Hopscotch), so that would exclude them or maybe make them just have to find something else to take part in (that may be more or less off topic from Hopscotch and/or coding). This brings us to the drawing topic. Instead of having separate topics for each drawing, we have a series of drawing topics (because they usually max out on replies after a while). This is so it’s all organized and doesn’t completely fill the forum with drawings and coding becomes extinct. It’s good that it’s all in a few topics for the forumers who don’t really believe in or support drawings on the Hopscotch forum. This way it won’t clog up all of latest or #collabs-requests-competitions (or whatever category it’s in), and if you really despise the topics, you can easily mute them (there’s always only one official drawing on paper compared to iPad topic active at any given time, it’s convenient). I personally think that the Drawing Topics are a great solution to all the situations stated previously, but that’s just an opinion. A personal opinion. Thanks for reading. GT reference! fangirl (or fanboy, no gender rules here) scream

I worked really hard writing that, so yeah… @ISNBN_List Sorry for tagging you guys!

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I don’t think I’m gonna read that

Really it’s just too long!! I have trouble reading long posts…


That’s fine, I didn’t really think anyone would.


Artists have a very special place on hopscotch, just look at trending its full of art, most people that draw on hopscotch at one point or another have made a drawing pad, that involves code
All in all, drawing is something creative and that’s what hopscotch is about!


You worded it perfectly :000


You must be exhausted…


Nope lol

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Jk I read it in like 2 min.


If it wasn’t allowed, It wouldn’t be still up after like, a year of existing. XD

Art is Hopscotch related, and some off-topicness is allowed on the Forum. There ya go. :p


I read that whole thing. XD

I spy a Game Theory fan :stuck_out_tongue:


Im pretty sure part of the reason is to isolate art on the forum


Hopscotch is for coding, but even more than that hopscotch is for promoting creativity in kids. Would you just want to stop all that creativity just because it is not coding? Many people put hours worth of work into these drawings and they enjoy sharing them with their hopscotch friends. Hopscotch is for creativity not just coding.


I read it all. It sounds very nice.


This would anger another person if they couldn’t have there topic non related to hopscotch when another person can

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