Why does nobody do my requests?


A few days ago I said I really needed music for my drawing pad. Only three people volunteered.
SmileyAlyssa just asked for music. Everybody is offering to make her music.
Why is it that the popular Hopscotchers always get sympathy and requests to make things? It's because they want to get in good with them, get themselves followed, maybe a couple of likes....

That's not the point. It's about doing something good for the person. Yet nobody does mine. I understand that nobody is making my song for my Quiz right now, but I politely asked a few days ago if somebody could make a song for me for a new addition to my drawing pad.

Popular Hopscotcher asks for some music.


Me when I ask for music

You: yawns yeah I can't make it get someone else.

See what I mean?


I didn't see when you asked for music...
I'll make some, but just remember that I'm very bad at music


I never saw you needed music I would of helped you with it if I saw it and I wanted to help @SmileyAlyssa because she is a friend of mine sorry


I follow SA I should follow you


Wait.. You asked for music?
I can do it this weekend if you want..


You do. I meant my forum activity.


Because some people are preoccupied for other stuff... It's not a perfect schedule for everyone you know :wink:


Oh sorry and I'm really bad at music I wouldn't be able to do shake it off don't judge me


Yeah that's true @OrangeScent1 real life before hopscotch


I'm really sorry...but this kinda seems like a guilt trip for us to make music for you to me.


Well you did ask a while after a lot of other people asked :sweat_smile: you can't link popularity to everything


You just read my mind. Seriously.


Then why do people make music for others? Is that called a guilt trip?


It's called doing something nice for someone else.... Music goers can't make music for everyone


No, but this entire topic.


I ask for requests no one asks for one and I don't get much likes on good projects


Well honestly I didn't see when you asked for music, I only said I would for SmileyAlysaa cuz I saw hers, not because she's popular. I also decided to try new things at this time


Same with me @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf


I'm sorry... If you look up #Sa:blush:Music4Game then you can use those!!


I'm not very popular either guys :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: