Why Does my Bad Project have So Many Likes?


You see, I made this "Give Derp a Face" project because I was bored and I didn't know what to do. If you check my profile often, you'll see I publish weird projects from time to time, and unpublish them about 10 minutes-a week later.
When I went to check on this project, it WAS ON TRENDING.
Why? Can someone please explain? And it has 82 likes (as of now.)
Why do people like this? I'm really confused.

Thank you!


You see, it has "derp" in the title. So people like it.


Ah good logic. :3
That's actually an interesting point!


It's pretty kewl that's why. And it has "derp".


Well, I think it's a creative and funny idea! :smiley: Plus I think projects that you can remix easily (drawings, make your own ____, ____ creator, draw ____, share your score games, etc.) get attention, too.


because it is funny



Because fam, that is lowkey lit


Wut Inty said, also it's funny and it has Derp :stuck_out_tongue:


It's literally a circle.
And you can draw on it.
Do people think I'll give them a prize? :0
I'm not...


Inty I know you're a leader and you're always positive, but I think you're going overboard right now with praising my "amazing" project.


No, really, it's actually creative! XD It may not have as much code as some other projects, but I still think it's a creative project.


Why do I keep getting likes on that? :open_mouth:


I make projects that get only max 20 likes. One was a remix from magma pop and I was saying he/she is one of my favorite hopscotchers


It's a good project xD
I nominate it for Featured!


It's fun, and you can draw on it XD
I drew on it and it's so cool :0 :smiley:


they liked it only cos your an awesome Hopscotcher @Snoopy