Why does my art get more likes than my games?



I do both art and coding on hopscotch. I get around 10-80 likes for art (try and guess who I am) but only 3-5 for coding. This makes me sad, because I spend a ton of time on my games but they get a lot less recognition. To support coding, I challenge you to like every game you see, especially if someone put effort into it. Coding is hard, and it deserves more recognition.


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I agree with @Intellection74? People like pretty things! :smile:


Well, maybe you do more art than coding. And coding DOES get more recognition. Art isn't the main thing Hopscotch was for. And maybe your games aren't colorful enough. People like good graphics and color. So maybe that's why your art gets more likes than your games. Or maybe your games are glitchy. And liking is specifically for projects you like.

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But games have more potential




Who are you on HS? I want to follow you!


I can relate.
I worked real hard on coding a game, and it got 120 likes. Then I did some art, and BAM it got 380. It was weird. One of the big reasons I don't do art on Hopscotch is that, and also I'm bad at art.

I guess what @Intellection74 said. I don't understand really why, but it's the way it is.

My advice: Keep up the coding. Actual coded projects is what will get you on rising and featured, then you will get a lot more likes!


The few code I've seen on newest are one made with abilities.

Also do you know the feeling when a project you've worked so hard on is ruined by a random person just to be 'xD LOL RANDUM!!!!1!!11!!11!1!!1!!!1!1!11!'? Just asking.