Why does mobcraft have a piece of cake next to his or her name?!


So i was in hopscotch and @MobCraft has a piece of cake next to his or her name!
Is this weird or can someone tell me!?


It's because it's their Birthday! You can change your birth date in your Preferences.

EDIT: Oh, wait, no it's not. Hm. I guess he did a hack or something. Maybe it's a bug.


Well that's weird :0

It's probably just a glitch in Discourse


It's his official anniversary, but the Anniversary page is glitching out.


It might be his or her anniversary but it doesnt say that in anniversary's tab!


Ohhhhh @GysvANDRegulus you just trolled everyone oh my gosh trollled


Yep, that's happening with all users…

  • Its a glitch
  • No thats so weird


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Mobcraft is the only person i saw with that though @GysvANDRegulus!


Ye he was the only one that joined that's still active on October 9th


It's my anniversary. I joined on October 8th but the Anniversaries tab says it's the 9th. It's not showing up because it was yesterday.


Lol I thought he got a cake title XD


Because cake is good

Seriously tho, I think I get it by I dunno

It's given to you on your anniversary or birthday right?


Both. I think the slice is for anniversary and the entire cake is for a birthday


You get a cake slice on your anniversary, and a cake on your birthday =D

  • ya
  • na


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please don't judge I like making polls


Oh thats what i thought!!!