Why does it say post must be 20 characters



I am having a problem with hopscotch fourms why does it say post must be 20 characters


It is to make sure you are not s p a m m i n g the forums. You can bypass this by doing this:


I'll just do this


That would be s-pamming :wink:


Oh then i'll do something else


Use this
< hgfghfhgfhhgdhygheghrh
..^ With no space here


It you don't want to see the extra letters that gets it to 20, click reply as linked topic to see what you can do.


< insert twenty characters of text here
..^w/out space becomes blank


The 202020 thing also prevents the forum to be like Twitter or something because everybody will be like, "Nice, ok, sup, what?, how?, coolzeez..." And so on


To make sure it is not spam


I was the one who started the 202020 trend not to brag just so u know! :relaxed:


Like what everyone else said its because of sp-amming. I just add emojis.


I add punctuation !!!!!!!!!!!


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