Why does hopscotch now need money, but they never have before?


So, now we need to pay for subscriptions, but THT has never "needed money" before.. its weird... Tell me what you think below!!


They were operating on a loan then. The loan is gone, they need to make money now.


Well of course everyone need money! So they comprise!


Maybe because more people are joining they need to pay for larger servers :smiley:


Hmm.. Maybe ur right, but I still hate that we have to pay for subbing...


THT wants t continue t improve this app, and they need money to make a lot of improvements, the havent been making money so they have been relying on money they have invested, but now they are running out and to continue the hopscotch app they need to make money :D


They need money. They'd been given a lot of money before but it's starting to run out so they need funding, which is what subscriptions are for :slight_smile:


Join the freezers then :stuck_out_tongue:


What are the freezers


The free users who don't subscribe but still use HS :wink:


Already done :smiley: who would quit HS???!!


Omg.. Its already 7:33 in FL


Anyone gonna reply????


Anyone ???Helllllllllloooooooo


Gotta go dinner yumyum


They also needed money. Some of the characters you use to have to buy or get the educational version and it would all be free.


Sorry if others said this, but they need to get money to pay for everything that they're using


They had a loan of I think three million, that has lasted them since 2013


Thx for the help bye for now


THT had thought about it before